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Artist Exhibitions
New York City: Chinese and American Artists' Printmaking Exchange Exhibition - March 20, 2016, 6-8pm
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Zhongshan: Art of the Future - 12/2015
Changsha: 2 - 10/2014
Changsha: 1 - 09/2014
Ningbo City - 2014
Nanjing Gallery - 2013
Fountain Show - 2013
Yes - 20121 / 2 )
Zibo Art Exhibition - 2012
The CIGE Show - 2012
Recent Writings
By Charles Hecht
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Artist Statement
A sculpture should draw the viewer in. Where possible, a sculpture should be appreciable from all angles. Art can delight, but it can also instruct and even enlighten; that's my hope for the "reef series," which teaches ecological stewardship.
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Contact Information
If you are interested in one of the sculptures, photographs in the current collection or in commissioning a piece you may contact Charles Hecht 
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