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I have always wanted to combine steel and glass. Also, I have always been fascinated by the sea and how looking through water distorts the coral and sea creatures. Since I am an avid scuba diver I realize that I see underwater life through the distortions of water. These distortions are magnified for the snorkeler and surface viewer. Utilizing glass superimposed over my abstract versions of coral and underwater creatures creates the kind of distortions that someone would see in looking at these beautiful creatures from the surface.

This series represents a technique of combining the creation of a metal sculpture and then "covering it" with essentially transparent glass to create the type of scene and feeling realized by an outsider looking into an unfamiliar world. Blue Coral Sea Segments I and II represent a view through a blue sea of a coral head and a type of seashell. The Coral Sea Segments are my interpretation of what certain patches of coral would look like from above the water. Silver Sea Slug is my interpretation of what this interesting creature would look like to someone who is unfamiliar with how a sea slug, which is also called a nudibranch, looks.

I do not know of anyone who is utilizing steel and glass in the same manner which I utilize in making the sculptures. I see unlimited possibilities in pursuing how an outsider would look at the wonders of the sea through this medium. One of my goals is to generate more interest in what happens with our coral reefs. Anyone familiar with my prior works, is aware that the protection of the coral reef ecosystem is a recurring theme in my work.

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