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Charles Hecht: “Creatures of the Deep”
December 1st-15th, 2006
Opening December 5th, 2006

Broadway Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Charles Hecht’s new exhibit, “Creatures of the Deep,” featuring some of his creature-based sculptural works created recently. Scheduled to run from December 1st to the 15th, the collection will feature the artist’s “Sea Critters Segment” series. Each sculpture within this group shines, glistens and gleams its way into its own metallic, if not actually subterranean, life. The artist is renowned for his large-scale public art, but, this time, his work will be shown inside closed doors at New York City’s Broadway Gallery.

Of his sculptural works such as those in this series, the artist has said “A sculpture should be touchable. Texture is extremely important in all my sculptures. It reminds me of my blind grandfather teaching me as a young child that by feeling a sculpture he was able to visualize what the artist felt and went through when the sculpture was being created.” This is exactly the way to most effectively approach the works within this series. In addition to their low stature and glistening appearance, they are also just as moving to the touch.

Hecht has also developed the technique as well as the idea behind it that “Some sculpture series are intended to be seen under various illuminations, since the whole image changes from day to night.” And it is perhaps in this respect that his sculpture work shines most brightly, both figuratively and literally. In the Broadway Gallery space this December, Hecht’s creations certainly stand out under every one of the spotlights above.


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