Charles Hecht  




"New Glass Installation Series - Spring 2008"

"The new series is based on my glass on steel and glass casting series.  I wanted to come up with a way of using a steel mold over which molten glass would be dragged to form interesting shapes conveying motion and energy.  I began experimenting with this new concept at Urban Glass approximately two years ago.  In 2008, Tsing Hua University in Beijing invited me to use the facilities of a glass blowing factory in Shandong Province to finally create sculptures utilizing this new experimental technique.  I accepted and, accompanied by Professor Wang, the head of the Glass and Ceramics Department at Tsing Hua, as well as the vice-chairman of the Glass and Ceramic's Professional Group throughout China, we went to Bashon in Shandong Province in May 2008.  I spent three days working full time with two of the master glass blowers and others.  We were able to solve a number of technical issues.  Each sculptural unit is individually created.  The 30 plus pieces were shipped to my Beijing studio and the cold-shop work, by hand, was completed there.  I look forward to doing more work on this series in Bashon in October and November of 2008."

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